The Wrong Door

There are some things in life that the minute you see them they telepathically send a message to your brain.I love fiery food the hotter the better, however on a recent trip I must have eaten something that didn't agree with me.So when my plane landed at the Dallas Fort Worth airport I raced off the plane and headed for the nearest toilet.Lucky for me there was no line so I raced right into an open stall. 

Within moments I was enjoying blessed relief.All at once my reverie was interrupted by someone opening the stall door next to mine.I was about ready to leave when I happened to look down at the space under the stall partition, and I saw, a pair of high heel shoes.My first thought was I don't want to embarrass the poor dear so when I leave I will leave quietly, she will not realize she is in the wrong restroom.Before I can get the door open someone opened the door on the other side and OH, MY GOSH. There was another pair of high heels. 

Several other people had come into the room and they all spoke female. 

My heart rate jumped to the speed of a dentist drill, and I sat back down and tried to breathe.I looked down at my shoes; they were size nine when I put them on this morning, now they looked to be at least size eighteen. 

I was very still and tried not to breathe too loud.Soon the red shoes on my right left and were quickly replaced by tan ones.The black shoes on my left were replaced by sandals with bright pink toenails.I had visions of the Dallas Morning News headline, "Pervert arrested in ladies bathroom at airport."Me trying to explain "Honey I really didn't know it was the women's john." Honest…

After three and a half days (it seemed that long).Both sides were clear and I couldn't hear any more foreign voices so I decided to crack open the door just a little to make sure the coast was clear.I looked left and right then in the mirror over the sink.There was not a lady in sight so I decided now was the time to make my get-away.I leaped up and discovered both legs were asleep, that was when I fell face first out of the stall into the middle of the floor. 

Crawling like a reptile I made it out the exit door just as another plane load of female speaking people started to enter.All at once I had twelve well meaning people down on their hands and knees helping me look for my lost contact.I don't wear contacts, so we never found it but I did get the circulation back in my legs. 

The only thing good that came out of this experience was that the only thing I had to read was my pocket bible and I did memorize the whole 117th Psalm. 

What did I learn?No matter what you circumstances, you are never to busy to read… at least the sign on a door.