Chapter 1
The next thing he knew she charged him and he went head over teakettle into the brush.He shook his head to clear the cob webs then he checked himself over, when he determined he wasn't injured. He sat up and said, "Rusty you are a dumb-ass you should've stayed on your horse."Then he jumped up, turned to face the cow and said, "Cow don't you know this rancher is not paying me ball player's wages to wet nurse you--- so behave yourself."

Mack galloped up with two ropes in his hand.With a quick flick of the wrist, Rusty's rope settled over the cow's head.His horse knew what to do as soon as that rope, settle around her head he, backed up pulling it tight.Mack immediately threw his rope around the back legs. In only a few minutes, they had the young cows head snubbed against a tree. Now it was a race against time to see if they could save the calf and the young mother.

A few hours later, hot sweaty and tired, they had a beautiful baby calf. He was a coal black little bull calf with one white spot on his head. The mother nuzzled the baby then to Rusty's surprise, turned and nuzzled him.

As they rode back to the barn all at once, a little yellow airplane flew low over the pasture again. They reined up and watched as it gracefully climbed up and circled around gliding back to land near the barn. Thinking something was wrong; they touched spurs to their horses and side by side they raced to the airplane. The door opened and an angel climbed out dressed in a blue and tan plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.Rusty thought I've never seen a pair of jeans filled out like those.He whipped off his hat and asked, "Are you alright?Is something wrong with your airplane?"

She flashed the most beautiful smile, "This's Will Couch's ranch, isn't it?"


"I'm Keira, his grand daughter.I've been away at college, so I wasn't absolutely sure if this was the right ranch, from the air, they all look the same.I was here earlier but I had to fly back to the airport and look at the area on the big map they have on the wall."

"You're a college student?"

She laughed, "I just finished my masters at Oxford.Can you guys help me push this airplane over there under the shade of that tree, then help me tie it down?"

The three of them had no difficulty moving the airplane under the big oak tree. Keira reached into the airplane and pulled out three metal things that were shaped like a 'Z'.Keira expertly pressed the sharp end into the ground and threaded a rope through the eye at the other end of the Z.Then up to a similar eye on the bottom of the wing.She then reached into the airplane and grabbed an overnight bag swung it over her right shoulder and headed for the house with a glance back, "Thanks for the help guys."She was gone.

It took several more minutes for Rusty's pulse rate to slow down. He thought, I didn't even know Mr. Couch had a grand daughter. In fact Ididn't know anybody had a grand daughter that gorgeous. 

Then he realized how he must have looked to her, all covered with cow blood and grime from helping deliver a calf, she had to notice, but she never let on. That alone said something about the lady.Rusty and Mack spent the rest of the day down at the corrals, vaccinating and branding calves.It was hot work with the Texas sun beating down.Rusty thought there's nothing like a baby calf ---and a pair of jeans to change a man's out look on life. 

He caught himself stealing glances toward the house all afternoon, he was hoping to get another look at Keira.When the bell rang just before six, he was ready, actually, he was hungry, but he was also looking forward to seeing her again.Just as Mack and Rusty were walking to the house a bright red, Corvette came tearing into the yard in a huge cloud of dust.A guy that looked like he just stepped out of a men's fashion magazine popped out of the corvette.